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This is the KMC Home Page, the trail head for information about our club and Kootenay mountain adventure in general.

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For more information about the club visit the Club Info area. Along with membership information and what the benefits are, you'll find access to information on the Bonnington cabins, the summer hiking camps, information of scheduled trips, activities and slideshows, the archives of our newsletters and the old Kootenay Karabiner, and more. There is also a contact us page that is all about how to do just that.

The Mountain Info area has information about the Kootenay mountains, links to other outdoor clubs and organisations, pointers to good books on hiking trails in the area and other things.

New updates dated May 24,2017 for Earle Whipple's guidebooks to the Percells/Selkirks and Cariboo/Monashee ranges

A quick overview of the Club's Winter or Summer outings are available on the schedule page. For club members, full details are available from a link to the official Google Doc on the password protected Members Only Documents page. There is also a Google Doc for non-members.

The season in progress...

  • Snowing on Mt. GrohmanIt was snowing on Mt. Grohman, June 11
    Photo Vicki Hart
  • Crevasse Rescue CourseKMC Crevasse Rescue Course, June 4
    Photo David Lussier
  • Summit of Lost MountainSummit of Lost Mountain, June 4
    Photo Vicki Hart
  • Turkey ThunderThunder Turkey bike ride, May 21
    Photo Vicki Hart
  • Mt. PlewmanMt. Plewman, May 14
    Photo Vicki Hart
  • Mts. Elgood, Plewman, LepsoeMts. Elgood, Plewman, Lepsoe, May 14
    Photo Goodi Niosi
  • Dove HillDove Hill, May 13
    Photo Cindy Kozak-Campbell
  • Columbia RiverColumbia River Trail, April 30
    Photo Cindy Kozak-Campbell
  • Rain CloudsRain clouds over Kootenay Lake, April 23
    Photo Vicki Hart
  • McNally Creek TraverseMcNally Creek Traverse, April 22
    Photo Olivia Stille
  • Aproaching SummitLost Summit Approach, April 15
    Photo Vicki Hart