KMC Hiking Camp Manuals

Table of Contents

All four sections of the manual are long html pages. They print without the left hand menu. All important forms and lists in the manuals have links to printable single page versions of them at the bottom of the left hand navigation menu.

First time participants may find many things of interest in the three other manuals, which explain perhaps the whys and wherefores of how a KMC hiking camp week works. In particular, the camp cook has a huge job and reading their manual will aid those who draw cook's helper chores from the hat. Anyone else who would like to help as well! Just don't step on the cooks toes!

Hiking Camp Committee Members

  • Chair (interim): Andrea Vowell
  • Treasurer: Sherolynn Haakstad
  • Registrar: Andrea Vowell
  • Site Selection Coordinator: Peter Wood
  • Leader/Cook Coordinator: Jude Stralak
  • Equipment Coordinator: Wayne Hohn