KMC Hiking Camp Committee Manual: Inventory List

Hiking Camp Equipment Inventory Check List

Inventory Checklist

Cook tent box – kitchen equipment
Aprons ( two per camp )6
Bleach dropper for kitchen1
Plywood deck for thermoses1
Bowls. 3 stainless, 6 plastic.9
Scrub / nail brushes2
16 litre plastic buckets with lids.4
Can opener1
Colanders. One stainless, one plastic.2
Cookie sheets2
Clipboards and pens3
Plastic food storage containersNumerous
Plastic cutting boards2
Stainless double boiler1
Heat diffusers3
Juice / milk jugs4
Set of three measuring cups1
Oven mitts and pot holders2
Pans,3 pie,2 nonstick frying,4 cake9
Pots,2 large stainless,2 alum,1 pasta.5
Porcelain coffee pot1
Stainless kettle1
Large thermoses for tea and coffee2
Propane stoves2
Folding stove stands2
Assorted utensilsNumerous
Dish cloths and tea towels,4 per camp12
Hand towels, 3 per camp.9
Rubber gloves1
Supply box—camp equipment
Axe, 2 shovels, 1 bush saw, 1 pry bar. 1
Tool kit1
Biffy tent, 1 biffy seat, 1 seat base.1
Biffy lime containers,and bleach bottle6
Bleach dropper, 1 biffy flag, 1 TP holder1
24 inch poly water pipe1
Wool blankets4
Segments of kitchen table3
Box ,Table assembly wing nuts1
Cook tent with internal frame1
Supply tent with internal frame1
Large white reflective tarp1
Large white poly tarp1
Bag of tent pegs and rigging rope1
First aid kits2
Folding rescue litter1
Rescue rope1
Ironing board1
Plastic washtubs4
Large plastic tub with lid1
40 lb propane tanks6
Propane supply hoses2
Campfire shell and grill1
Cooler cozy8
Rolls of snow fencing2
VHF hand held radios2
Satellite phone1
Spray can of canvas waterproofing1