KMC Hiking Camp Committee Manual: Equipment Weight

2.3 - KMC Hiking Camp Equipment Weights

ItemWeight (lbs)
Cook tent52
Supply tent40
Cook tent poles47
Supply tent poles34
Cook tent couplings16
Supply tent couplings11
Tent pegs and rope16
Large / cooking box231
Small / supply box167
Stool bag 137
Stool bag 220
Ironing board23
Folding tables53
Biffy ring15
Washtubs / buckets19
Propane X280
Fire logs31
Snow fence18
Burning device8.5
Folding litter12.5
Shower frame20
Cozys (cooler insulating covers)5
Eight coolers plus ice120
Food and wine @ 22.5 / person450
Baggage @ 50 / person1000
Plus 2% (50.70)2586