KMC Hiking Camp Manual: Leader - Pre-camp Task Assignments

Camp Setup

Setup and take down of Main Tent (4)
Setup and take down of Supply Tent (4)

Setup tents as follows:

  1. Assemble the frame couplings to the trusses, sidewalls and ridgepoles. Frame color code: trusses – red, sidewalls and ridgepoles – green, legs – none. Set the roof trusses on the ground.
  2. Unfold the tent and spread it over the frame. Avoid dragging the tent material over the frame.
  3. Lift up one side of the tent and frame and insert the legs. Then lift up the other side of the tent and frame and insert those legs. Tighten all bolts. Pull down the side walls of the tent.
  4. Place ropes and pegs on sidewalls (14 medium pegs), undo ridge ropes (5 large pegs)
  5. Place frame bag inside tent bag for storage

Take down is in reverse.

Camper's Task Assignments

Use two lotteries to assign tasks.

Lottery One: The first lottery is for the 18 large jobs of home cooking and shopping

Home Cooking

Soup - Borscht, Lentil or Minestrone
Beef Stew
Curried Chicken
Spaghetti Sauce – meat or vegetarian
Roast Beef
Chili – meat or vegetarian
Salmon Loaf
Salmon Loaf 2
Turkey Sausage
Upside down cake
Carrot Cake
Chocolate cake: layer cake or zucchini (or chocolate pudding)
Pies – apple, huckleberry


Staples (remove choc pudding if cake)
Dry Goods
Dairy/Meat/Frozen (3 coolers)
Produce (1 cooler)
Wine and Juice and 4 empty liquor boxes (for cookies)

Lottery Two: up to 56 tasks (three per camper) depending on camp


Transport Equipment in Camp 1 (2 vehicles)
Out Camp 3 (2 vehicles)
Transport fuel barrels (if necessary

Helicopter Duties

Camp 1 and Camp 3 need two four man loading crews, Camp 2 needs one.

Parking Lot

Passenger loader (1)
Loadmaster (at helicopter) (1)
Helpers (2)


Passenger Loader (1)
Loadmaster (at helicopeter) (1)
Helpers (2)

Camp 1 Setup

Set up cook tent (4)
Set up supply tent (4)
Set up kitchen (3)
Set up cooler tarp (2)
Dig slop pit (1)
Dig biffy pit (2)
Set up biffy tent (2)

Camp 2

Dig two biffy holes (2 x 2)
Dig two slop pits (2 x 1)

Setup For All Camps

Organize and shelter coolers at parking lot (cook, leader, 2 helpers)
Set up coolers, blankets & reflective tarps in camp (cook, leader, 2 helpers)
Store supplies (1)

Ongoing maintenance

  • Tape a garbage bag to the end of the cook tent table for wet garbage
  • Hang the end of the bag in an empty cardboard box for ease of packing when the bag is full
  • Compress the garbage as much as possible to minimize the volume
  • Tie the bag shut
  • Tape the box closed
  • Label it as garbage and store in supply tent until the flight out
  • Recyclables can be placed in separate boxes
  • Tin cans can be flattened to reduce space


Get propane, transport propane tanks, and set up in camp. Transport 2 empty coolers to camp (1)
Chainsaw (1)
Extra Coleman Propane Stove (1)
Tarp (1)
Large Cooking Pot (1)

NOTE: The above three items are needed for each camp in case the helicopter is unable to rendezvous. This avoids the disruption of the gear in the box and leaves it ready to go.

Camp photographer (1)
Camp recorder (report for September Newsletter)

Camp 3 Packing and Dismantling

  • Pack perishables and non-perishables in separate boxes and label
  • Perishables can be fairly distributed among campers
  • Move those boxes to heli site
  • Transport and drop non-perishables at food bank.
  • Clean burning device
  • Make sure ashes are completely extinguished
  • Dump cold ashes carefully down biffy
  • Collect dish cloths and tea towels, transport, wash and dry, return to storage.
  • Disconnect propane tanks
  • Make sure tank valve is off
  • Turn hose fitting clockwise to loosen
  • Place hose fittings in protective baggy to keep clean
  • Move tanks to heli site.
  • Pack garbage & recycling and move to heli site

Take Down Tasks

Take down kitchen (table, stoves) (2)
Pack big boxes (3 on each = 6)
Take down cook tent (4)
Take down supply tent (4)
Organize coolers, blankets, and tarps, move to heli (3)
Dismantle biffy and pack tent (2)
Fill slop pits (1)
Pack Perishables, do inventory, move to heli. Take leftover food to food bank (1)
Take down burning device – ashes to biffy hole(1)
Wash dishcloths, tea towels and return to equipment storage (1)
Take garbage & recycling to dump (1)
Return sat phone (1)
Transport 8 Coolers (1)