One of the policies of the Kootenay Mountaineering Club is to leave no trace and respect the ground/environment we step on. This applies to day and multi-day excursions. To that extent we adhere to the following steps during our hiking camps:

  • Fly out all garbage
  • Use plastic snow fence material on the ground in heavily used areas such as in the cook tent, around the table for washing dishes, and any other areas that will get repeated foot traffic over the course of the hiking camps
  • Remove sod from holes dug for grey water/biffy, replacing sod on top when filling the holes at the conclusion of each camp. In total there are 3 grey water holes and 2 biffy holes.
  • Strain solids from grey water and place solids in garbage for flying out
  • Dig any holes well away from and not adjacent to any water course
  • If any burning is to take place it to be done in the metal container that is placed on rock so as to not burn the sod underneath. Typically only manufactured fire logs are burnt. All recyclables are disposed of as per best environmental practices
  • Ash from the burning container is placed in the biffy hole prior to refilling and closing
  • Attempt to use different pathways to various destinations to minimize impacts to the ground
  • Refrain from using soaps/shampoos in tarns, lakes etc.
  • Keep food and garbage/recyclables sealed and stored in a designated location
  • Maintain a clean campsite at all times which includes daily biffy/garbage/washing routines