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KMC Hiking Camp

The Kootenay Mountaineering Club sponsors three week-long hiking camps each summer, with a capacity of 20 people per camp. The 2016 camps were held in Wolverine Pass in the Rockies.

View from camp site
The view through the 2016 camp site in Wolverine Pass.
  • Cost: $550
  • 2018 Location: at the head of SOARDS Creek’s northern fork.
  • 52 degrees 02 minutes 25.55 secs North and 118 deg 48 min 47.63 secs West. Elevation is 6608’ ASL
  • Dates
    • Week 1: July 14 - 21
    • Week 2: July 21 - 28
    • Week 3: July 28 - August 4

Hiking Camp Committee Members

  • Chair: Paul Eagles
  • Treasurer: Sherolynn Haakstad
  • Registrar: Andrea Vowell
  • Site Selection Coordinator: Peter Wood
  • Leader/Cook Coordinator: Jude Stralak
  • Equipment Coordinator: Wayne Hohn

Ron Perrier, in this excerpt from his "KMC Hiking Camp History" says ...

The amazing places we visit for three weeks that rarely have seen another boot print. A chance to see mountains throughout the Monashees, Selkirks, Purcells, and Rockies. Helicopter rides. Something for everyone – meadows, lakes, ridges, flowers, glaciers, moraines, wildlife, mountains of all difficulty. One of the best wildflower displays on the planet everywhere we go. The phenomenal, fine-tuned organization – 20 individuals, with minimal direction, prepare and buy everything we need to survive in relative luxury for a week, and then it is repeated by two more groups with equal efficiency. Volunteerism drives the basics of camp – everyone participates in a relatively equal way, costs are kept low, a sense of community develops.

Our strong environmental ethic is intended to leave our camp site with only the remnants of our boot prints – plastic mats around the cook tent, replacing the sod over our biffy holes, straining our grey water, burning our own wood in a metal burner, even composting all vegetable waste in some camps. Spectacular, bountiful, home made food that, despite heavy exercise every day, usually results in weight gain. Wine. An incredible variety of fellow campers from all walks of life and life experiences.

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