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KMC Library - Stories

Abode of Snow, TheWilson, A.1886
Adventures in the ArticMontgomery, R. G.1932
Age of Mountaineering, TheUllman, J. R.1941
Alpine MeadowsBrybyan, G.
Alps, TheBreeden/Nat'lGeoSociety1973
America's Magnificent MountainsBreeden, R. L./Nat'l Geo Soc1980
Among the Great HillsSandford, R. W.2006
Annapurna: A Woman's PlaceBlum, Arlene1980
Annapurna: Conquest of the First 8000 Metre PeakHerzog, Maurice1953
Armchair Mountaineer, TheSmith, G. A. & C. D.1968
Artic MoodRichards, E. A.1949
Ascent of Everest, TheHunt, John1953
Ascent of Rum Doodle, TheBowman, W.1956
Beyond Everest: The Quest for the Seven SummitsMorrow, Patrick1986
Book of the Mountains, TheSpectorsky, A. C.1955
British Columbia Wild: A Natural HistoryFitzharris, Tim1986
Broken Snare, TheSymons, R. D.1970
Bugaboos: An Alpine History, TheGarden, J.F1984
Burgess Book of Lies, TheBurgess, Adrian & Alan1994
Caesars of the WildernessNewman, P. C.1987
Call OutMacInnes, H.1973
Canada By CanoeVan Tamelan, J. P.1972
Canadian Alps, TheSandford, R. W.1990
Canadian Mountaineering Anthology, TheFairley, Bruce (Editor)1994
Canadian Rockies, ThePatillo, R.2005
Canadian Rockies, TheFraser, E.1969
Canadian Rockies, TheWright, R. T. & Herger, B.1981
Canadian Rockies, ThePole, G.1991
Canadian Rockies: New and Old Trails, TheColeman, A. P.1912
Canadian Summits: Selections From the Canadian Alpine Journal 1907 to 1994Sandford, R & Powter, G (Editors)1994
Cascades, TheWilliams, R.1974
Climbing in North AmericaJones, Chris1976
Colorado High CountryLamb, M.1965
Columbia and Kootenay Valley: Its Resources and CapabilitiesBC Government1911
Columbia IcefieldNational Geographic, Vol 67, #41925
Confessions of an Igloo DwellerHouston, J.1995
Conquest of Everest, TheHunt, J.1954
Description of and Guide to Jasper ParkCanada; Dep't of the Interior1917
Detectives on EverestHemmler,J./Simonson,E.2002
Dog Puncher on the Yukon, AWalden, A. T.1931
Down NorthOnraet, T.1944
Down the YellowstoneFreeman, L. R.1922
End of the Rope (Mountains, Marriage, and Motherhood)Jan Radford
Eternal Lake O'HaraSokoloff, C. A.1993
Everest: Kanshung FaceVenables, Stephen1989
Everest: The West RidgeHornbein, Thomas1968
Expedition YukonFisher, Marnie (Editor)1972
Forerunners to EverestDittert, R., Chevalley, G., & Lambert, R.1954
Four Against EverestSayre, Woodrow Wilson1964
Free SpiritMessner, Reinhold1989
From Barnacle to BanffThomas, H. H.1945
Games Climbers Play, TheWilson, Ken (Editor)1980
Gervasutti's climbsGervasutti, Giusto1957
Give Me the HillsUnderhill, Miriam1973
Great Ascents: A Narrative History of MountaineeringNewby, Eric1977
Great Divide, TheWalker, B.1973
Great Glacier and Its House, ThePutnam, W.1982
Grenfell of LabradorRompkey, R.1991
guiding spirit, TheKauffmann, Andrew & Putnam, William1986
HeadwatersMarty, Sid1973
High ExposureBreashears, D.1999
High in the Thin Cold AirHilary, Edmund & Doig, Desmond1962
High Sierra, TheBowen, E.1972
Himalayan PassageSchmidt, J.1991
Himalayas, TheNicolson, N.1975
History of Lake O'HaraGest, Lillian1966
History of Mountaineering in the Saint Elias Mountains, AWood, Walter1967
Howling Artic, ThePrice, R.1970
Hunter of Peace: Mary T. S. Schaffer's Old Indian Trails of the Canadian Rockies, AHart, E. J.1980
I chose to climbBonnington, Chris1966
Ice with EverythingTilman, H.1974
Iceway RunwayMason, Roy1984
In the Footsteps of ScottMeer, R. & Swan, R.1987
In the Himalayas and the Indian PlainsCumming, C. F.1886
In the Path of an AvalancheBowers, V.2003
In the Western Mountains: Early Mountaineering in British ColumbiaLeslie, Susan (Editor)1984
In the ZonePotterfield, P.1996
Inner Green, TheKivi, K. L., Pearkes, E. D.2005
Into Thin AirKrakauer, Jon1997
Jimmy SimpsonHart, E. J.1991
K2: Dreams and RealityHaberl, Jim1994
K2: Triumph and TragedyCurran, Jim1987
KabloonadePancins, G.1941
Ken JonesTetarenko, L. & K.1996
Kingdom of AdventureUllman, J. R.1947
Kootenai Brown: His Life and TimesRodney, W.1969
Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains, ABird, I.1920
Lake Louise At Its BestPatillo, R.2005
Last Blue Mountain, TheBarker, Ralph1959
Leading OutSilva, R. D.1992
Lonely Victory: Mt Everest 1978, TheHabeler, Peter1979
Lure of the Mountains, TheMaeder, Herbet (Editor)1971
Magnificent Mountain Women, TheRobertson, J.1990
Mammoth Book of Endurance and Adventure, TheLewis, Jon (Editor)2000
Man of EverestUllman, J. R.1956
Men Against the Clouds: The Conquest of Minya KonkaBurdsall, Richard & Eamons, Arthur1935
Men for the MountainsMarty, Sid1978
Men to Match My MountainsStone, I.1956
Mexico's Copper Canyon CountryFayhee, M.J.1994
Mostly Mountains: A Hiker's JournalWoodward, Mary2006
Mount Garibaldi ParkMunday, D.1922
Mountain ChroniclesWhyte, J.1992
Mountain Life, ASandford, R. W.1996
Mountain of My Fear, TheRoberts, D.1968
Mountain Spirit, TheTobias, M. C. & Drasdo, H.1979
Mountain World, TheKurz, M (Editor)1953
Mountaineer: Thirty Years of Climbing on the Worlds Greatest PeaksBonnington, Chris1990
MountaineeringCleare, John1980
Mountaineering and its LiteratureNeate, W.1980
Mountaineering HolidaySmythe, Frank1940
Mountaineers: Female Climbers in Canada, TheDowling, Phil1979
Mountains of My Life, theBonatti, Walter2001
Mountains, Men and RiversReid, J. H.1954
Mountains, TheMilne, L. & Milne, M.1962
My LifeHeckmair, A.2002
Nanga Parbat PilgramigeBuhl, H.1956
No Ordinary WomanSandford Beck, J.2001
No Picnic on Mt. KenyaBenuzzi, Felice1953
Notes From the Century BeforeHoagland, E.1969
Nothing venture, nothing winHilary, Edmund1977
Nunaga: My Land, My CountryPryde, D.1971
Off the Beaten Path: Women Adventurers and Mountaineers in Western CanadaSmith, Cyndi1988
Old SilvertonNorris, J.1985
On Top of the World: Five Women Explorers in TibetMiller, Luree1984
Once Upon a MountainSandford, R. W.
Pacific Crest Trail, TheGray, W. R.1975
Paddle to the AmazonStarkell, Don1987
Park PrisonerWaiser, B.1995
Parks in British ColumbiaDooling, P.J (Editor)1985
Parks of British Columbia, TheTatreau, D. & Tatreau, B.1973
Peaks, Passes and GlaciersUnsworth, W.1980
People in High PlacesSalkeld, A.1991
Peter Freuchen's Adventures in the ArticFreuchan, D.1960
Photos, variousWhipple, Earlevarious dates
Photos; Rocky & Selkirk MtnsCan.Pacific RRHistoric
Pioneers of RevelstokeBurchinshaw, D.1986
Place Names in the Canadian AlpsPutnam, W., Bolers, G., & Laurilla, R.1990
Practical Guide to Yellowstone National ParkGuptill, A.B.1890
Puma's Claw, TheClark, Simon1959
Purcell Range of British Columbia, TheThorington, J1946
Purcell Suite: Upholding the Wild, TheKivi, K.L.2007
Pushing the Limits: The Story of Canadian MountaineeringScott, Chic2000
Ralph Edwards of Lonesome LakeEdwards, Ralph1979
Return to TibetHarrer, Heinrich1983
Risking Adventure: Mountaineering Journeys Around the WorldHaberl, Jim1997
Road to RakaposhiBand, George1955
Rocky and Selkirk MountainsUnknown
Romance of Mountaineering, TheIrving, R.L.G.1935
Scrambles Amongst the AlpsWhymper, Edward1981
Selkirks: Nelson's Mountains, TheGarden, J.F1984
Seven years in TibetHarrer, Heinrich1954
Shadows on the WastelandStroud, M.1994
Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, ANewby, E.1958
Sixty BelowOnraet, T.1944
Ski and the Mountain, ThePaynter, Thomas1954
Snows of Yesteryear, TheTaylor, W. C.1973
South to the Pole by SkiMurphy, J.E.1990
Spirit of the Hills, TheSmythe, Frank1935
Springs of Adventure, TheNoyce, W.1958
Starlight and StormRebuffat, Gaston1956
Story of the Mountains in Banff National Park, TheBelyea, H. R.1960
Tents in the CloudsJackson, Monica & Stark, Elizabeth1957
They Came to the HillsEngel, C. E. (Editor)1952
Tibet's Secret Mountain: The Triumph of Sepu KangriBonnington, Chris & Clarke, Charles1999
Tiger of the SnowsUllman, J. R. & Norgay, T.1955
Time Out of MindSchmidt, L. W.1979
Trail Blazer of the Canadian RockiesWilson, T. E.1972
Trail to the Charmed Land, TheEdwards, Ralph1950
Trail to the InteriorPatterson, R.1966
Trapping is my LifeTetso, J.1970
Unclimbed in New ZealandPascoe, John1939
Voices from the SummitMcDonald, B. & Amatt, J.2000
Walk in the Woods, ABryson, B.1997
Where the Clouds Can GoKain, Conrad1935
Where the Mountains Casts its ShadowCoffee, M
White Spider: The History of the Eiger's North Face, TheHarrer, Heinrich1959
Wild Weather: The Truth Behind Global WarmingHalter, R.2007
Within ReachPfetzer, Mark1998
Yukon, Canada's Awakening NorthNational Geographic, Vol 69, #61936